efficient and tailored to your requirements

We have the latest technology and tools available for efficient translation. These make it possible to translate even large volumes of text into almost any language in the world, quickly and economically. Alphabit has always used innovative information processing aids as a matter of course. Many years of experience in this area allow us to make effective use of all the tools at our disposal and to combine them efficiently.

For data transfer you can choose between:

  • e-mail attachment:
  • data carrier: CD-ROM, DVD (other data carriers upon request)
  • our FTP server (access data upon request)
  • or using your own browser-based system!

All sub-processes are synchronised and optimised through the use of translation memory tools and terminology databases:

  • we prepare your texts before they are processed by our translators, and filter content from the available documents, e.g. in MS Office or using special editors, where required
  • we align existing translations to create translation databases for you
  • we compile, manage and maintain your terminology and translation databases